• We treated our rice field with AgriHit™ Natural Plant Growth & Health Enhancer, it showed 90% flowering while the conventional treatment showed 70% flowering and most important of all, total crop yield increased by an astonishing 25%. The crop was also harvested one weaker earlier than the control.

  • My poultry farm has an average mortality rate of 8.5%, someone recommended us to use AgriHit™ Organic Disinfectant to eliminate pathogens that cause infections. We spray all surfaces inside our barns and fumigate the air with this amazing organic anti-pathogenic solution and our mortality rate is now less than 1%. I’m recommending it to every poultry producer!

  • We spray AgriHit™ Natural Plant Growth & Health Enhancer on our fruit trees and it dramatically impacted health, sweetness, and look of our fruits. We have eliminated poisonous pesticides all together and now we only use this amazing natural, bio degradable foliar fertiliser!

  • With the capability of replacing any of the petrochemical or other toxic cleaners on the market today, AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner offers industry an effective and environmentally friendly solution to all their cleaning problems at highly competitive pricing.

AgriHit™ Self Sanitizing Coating For Building Interiors

AgriHit™ photo catalyst coatings are marketed along with associated coating services or a "do-it-yourself" kit. Air and surface bio contamination caused due to listeria, salmonella, e-coli, swine flu (H1N1), bird flu (H5N1), SARS, mould spores, etc. can be eliminated by using the award winning AgriHit™ green technology. Apply our green, natural mineral based self sanitizing transparent coating together with UV-C air filtration systems to protect your facilities, clients, and employees against deadly bacteria and virus outbreaks.

AgriHit™ Coating

AgriHit™ coating is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the brand name GENS NANO™. Its features are:

  • It is powered by light (illumination), works with UV and fluorescent light
  • Has a high performance index and its effect is long lasting
  • Supports decomposition of germs and endotoxins
  • Is environment friendly and harmless to human beings and animals
  • Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

AgriHit™ self sanitizing coating environmental benefits

  • Improves overall indoor air quality
  • Reduces surface and air bio-contamination risks
  • Reduces toxic chemical use
  • Reduces cleaning and disinfection process time

AgriHit™ self sanitizing coating economic benefits

  • Reduces liability
  • Enhances asset values and company profits
  • Optimizes sanitation process

Application of self sanitizing natural mineral coating on walls and ceilings inside

  • 1. Food processing plants
  • 2. Rooms
  • 3. Hospitals
  • 4. Offices
  • 5. Homes or public places

AgriHit™ coating helps to reduce and minimize any potential risk of air and surface bio contamination.